The Production Associate is a full-time position with Salmon’s Meat Products. A successful individual in this position would be one who is able to follow orders accurately, efficiently, is self-motivated and has the ability to be flexible with interruptions throughout the day.

• Exude a team mentality and helpful attitude
• Strong attention to detail
• Active listening skills
• Ability to work with minimum supervision and well with a small team
• Ability to multi-task and adapt to change of orders
• Awareness of your work environment to ensure safe work practices
• Present self in a professional and clean fashion

Physical Demands:
• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds
• Prolonged periods of standing, bending and walking
• Ability to operate a scale and printer

Work Relationships:

Supervised by the production manager and shipping coordinator. Works closely and maintains communication with all other Salmon’s Meat Product employees.

• Retrieve and deliver meat to proper area: smoker, cooler, freezer, retail, etc.
• Ensure appropriate storage of products are at optimum conditions
• Operate food processing equipment
• Package food in an appetizing and clean manner
• Complete orders timely, efficiently, and accurately
• Utilize the scale to accurately weigh product
• Input store number to generate proper pricing of product
• Ensure products are prepared by following cleanliness and hygiene standards
• Label meat products accurately and appropriately
• Monitor the quality and quantity of meat products
• Clean and sanitize tables, trays, counters, coolers, freezer, floors, etc.
• In some cases, serve as a backup to retail store and/or farmers market
Perform other related duties as assigned

Work Schedule:

A production associate is a full-time position assigned 40-50 hours per week. Production hours are Monday through Friday.