2023-2024 VENISON PRODUCT/Price list

*A Minimum of 10# of venison is needed per product ordered

*Please note, this is not our retail price list.

*Currently accepting venison through March 31, 2024

ProductPrice/#Final Weight (approx.)
Smoked Products
Jumbo Wieners$4.092X
Cheese Wieners$4.392X
Jumbo Cheese Wieners$4.292X
Jalapeno & Cheese Wieners$4.392X
Summer Sausage (1.5# Stick)$3.991.5X
Cheddar Summer Sausage$4.291.5X
Jalapeno & Cheddar Summer Sausage$4.291.5X
Venison Sticks$4.591.5X
Cheddar Sticks$4.991.5X
Jalapeno and Cheddar Sticks$4.991.5X
Barbecue and Cheddar Sticks$4.991.5X
Sweet Bourbon Sticks$4.991.5X
Venison Strips (original weight)$4.990.5X
Venison Teriyaki Strips (original weight)$4.990.5X
Ring Bologna$3.992X
Smoked Polish Sausage$3.992X
Bacon (sliced)$4.491.5X
Fresh Products
Honey Weiss Beer Brats$3.992X
Mushroom & Swiss Brats$3.992X
Jalapeno & Pepperjack Brats$3.992X
Brat Patty$3.992X
Breakfast Sausage Links$3.992X
Venison Ham (Shaved)$20.001X
Venison Hamburger Products
Venison Hamburger (1# Tubes)
Beef added to Venison Hamburger$3.491X
Pork added to Venison Hamburger$2.491X
Total Box Weight$1.50
Venison Hamburger Patty
Beef added Venison Hamburger Patty$3.491X
Pork added Venison Hamburger Patty$2.491X
Total Box Weight$1.99

Venison Processing Guidelines

  • A minimum of 10 pounds of venison is required for each product requested.
  • All venison must be fresh, boneless, and clean. We reserve the right to refuse any venison that does not smell fresh or is not cleaned properly.
  • Venison MUST be in clear plastic bags. Venison will not be accepted in black garbage bags or ice cream buckets. If bringing in meat that is already ground, please remove meat from packaging.
  • We do not accept venison during the summer months (April 1st to August 31st). Our last day to bring in venison is March 31st. Sorry, no exceptions.
  • All products will be sealed into one-pound (approx.) packages.
  • We will contact you as soon as your venison is processed. Your order must be picked up within 10 days of the date you are contacted or you may be subject to storage fee. Processing times are determined by the date received and number of products ordered.
  • The price per pound is charged on the finished weight of the product. For approximating finished weight, multiply venison weight times the number in the final weight column.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice, as the price of beef and pork fluctuates. Pricing at the time of order applies.
  • Methods of Payment: Cash, Debit or Credit Card, and Check
  • Our plant is HAACP Certified and State Inspected, with a State Inspector on the premises 5 days a week.
  • We smoke Venison Hams (Hind Quarters) once a year. The final day to bring in Hams is January 1st. We freeze the hams until then. We will not accept any Venison Hams brought in after this date.