From the start of the Salmon’s tradition in 1915 to the establishment of Salmon’s Meat Products in 1966 and the Ebert family purchasing the business in 2020, the smoked meat tradition is still alive and thriving today.

Read about the History of the Salmon’s tradition and where we are at today.

A tradition in meats
Original "Salmon's Meat Products". Kohlbeck Butcher Shop

The Salmon’s family tradition in meats dates back to 1915 when George Kohlbeck started his meat market on the 1500 block of Main Street in Luxemburg, WI  

Grandpa and Grandson

In 1936, at the age of 16, Leo Salmon started working for his grandpa, George. As the oldest of the grandchildren and as it was during the depression, he had little choice about his occupation at the time. But that was all right, Leo said, “I don’t regret it at…Read More

Salmon & Barbiaux

On December 1, 1950, Leo joined in partnership with his cousin, Don Barbiaux, to form a custom slaughtering and sausage business west of Kewaunee under the name Highway 29 Sausage Company.


The company quit slaughtering in 1960 but continued making sausage. They sold mostly wholesale and distributed to stores in Luxemburg, Algoma and Kewaunee.

Salmon’s Meat Products

In 1966, Leo established Salmon’s Meat Products, in Luxemburg. He made mainly wieners and bologna, selling wholesale to supermarkets in the Luxemburg, Kewaunee and Algoma areas along with the small retail outlet in the front of the building that is still open today!

Gary & Glenn

In 1985 Leo’s children, Gary and Glenn, purchased the business. Their expertise in the sausage making business was taught to them by their father.

Modern Smoke

In 1987 Gary and Glenn purchased a $26,000 stainless steel smoker to use in addition to their two old fashioned smokers. “The way we make it is really just the same as the old days” Gary said.

Festival Foods

In 1990 Salmon’s took their wholesale products up a notch by adding an agreement with Festival Foods. Salmon’s products are still available at all Northeastern Wisconsin Festival Food’s locations to this day!

New Family, Same Tradition
Salmon's family passes the business off to the Ebert Family

The Ebert family, seventh generation farmers purchased Salmon’s Meat Products on March 30, 2020. New owners, the Randy and Renee Ebert family, Algoma, Wis., will humbly carry on the traditions set by third generation meat processors, the families of Gary and Glenn Salmon.